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30th EurOMA Conference

“A Systems Lens on Operations.”

Walking the consolidation lines of post-crisis recovery, operations management finds itself in a transition phase. Our field is urged to define new objectives, to cope with new challenges and to explore new paradigms and practices. Realising that operations processes and supply chains have become highly interconnected systems operating in a truly dynamic environment, the 2023 EurOMA conference will take a “Systems Lens on Operations” and we invite participants to the conference to embark on a systems thinking pathway. We welcome cross-functional as well as trans-disciplinary collaborative research. We foster in particular research that embeds operations and supply chain management in broader ecosystems, aiming for sustainability and resilience. The theme of the conference underscores the need, both for academics as well as practitioners, to engage with stakeholders, to construct model-based, future-oriented scenarios and to join implementation trajectories that go beyond the delivery of research outcomes. Among others, health systems, disaster logistics and event logistics are examples of eco-systems where significant lessons learned from crises leading to preparedness can be researched.